Saturday, December 7, 2013

#17 More 'stick' in with Unemployment Insurance

Put a little more 'stick' in with this 'carrot' of a program.

Enforcement of benefits verses 'are you looking for work', in the United States 'Unemployment Insurance' Program, is a farce. With little creative gamesmanship you can game the system to provide you with an income for extended amounts of time with 'Extended' unemployment Insurance. I would add into the stipulation that you receive insurance that you must work or be studying in or on government projects in return. Businesses would also be vetted, and allowed to purchase your labor at lower then minimum wage for a short time period. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

# 16 Eliminating Hunger in America

Feeding America
Certified Food stamps, WIC, Suppliemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Restaurants.

It has been said that America has the fattest poor people in the world. Typically people respond that it’s that cheap food has lots of fat. While this is true it doesn't cut to the heart of the problem. One problem is that many people are poor simply because they cannot compete. They are the bottom 10 percentile. They didn’t learn how to read, they are not computer literate, and they have developmental problems, whatever. If I was playing dungeons and dragons still I would say these are all those discarded dice rolls you made when making your character. They have 3-5 points of strength, intelligence, wisdom, dexterity, charisma, or constitution.
That said, in America we give people money to get food if they are poor. The most recent name for this is SNAP What we don’t do is cook for them. What makes you think they know how to do anything more than warm up a can of beans or eat a hot-dog microwaved in hot water?
Why don’t restaurants serve the poor? One, they don’t have money. Two they can’t accept the type of money they are given. Three, there is no profit in it.

Allow certified restaurants, to accept SNAP cards. These restaurants can be franchises or chains, faith based, or not. The menus would need to be simple, affordable food. Think Mac and cheese, Spaghetti and meat sauce. What we call staples, hearty meals, or comfort foods. Big pots and casseroles. The key being how cheap are the menus. Restaurants would earn rewards for feeding the most with the least, for the least. Serve a healthy pre-determined recipe to 10,000 people for $1.00, for example 8 ounces of mac and cheese, with computerized, unaltered results. Then you receive a percentage of the profits of all the restaurants in the same classification. In other words, a portion of the income tax’s collected from all the restaurant’s go to your restaurant.

Some more information on what SNAP does currently.
-It might go without saying but the qualifications for this would need to change, and it would be best to make this change at the national level, after a few prototype programs are administered in small, medium and large states.
Hot food restriction would need to change.

More clarification:
Restaurants would need to serve a menu of 3 to 10 pre-determined and required menu items that meet FDA health and nutrition guidelines.

Monday, August 12, 2013

# 15 Expansion of the Airspace to allow for virtual highways in the sky.

 In the very near future we as a nations, countries, states, provinces, counties, districts, cities and towns will be confronted with a new solution for the transportation on of People. Specifically this technology will be known as ‘Air Cars.’
These Air Cars will be able to land anywhere, and actually function better at low speeds. 

Rules will need be made to address how these Air cars come into and out of our communities. Both at a low altitude for landing in your driveway or rooftop and at higher altitudes.
In addition, these cars will have built in digital wireless communications which will allow for data to be transmitted to and from them informing each other and their surroundings where they are and how fast they are going.
This allows for 2 opportunities.
1)      The construction of virtual highways and airspace at different levels of height, where speed and directions can be regulated
2)      The freeing of people from the ground requirements of ground based roadways so that faster commutes can be designed and obtained
The requirements of this to happen are:
1)      Construction of Air Car factories, that will build, distribute and sell the Air Cars.
2)      Construction, deployment and training of virtual highway designers

That said, regulations and designs of virtual highways are only necessary if we desire to prevent collisions, and reduce traffic above our homes. It is not needed if no one minds AirCars ten feet above your home traveling at 220 miles per hour. 

Please Note:
I won't get into how they are designed. You can contact me if you would like to participate in a trial license to manufacture Air Cars or would like to negotiate some other deal.

Drones should be treated by size. For instance, if no larger then the largest model airplane (3-4 feet) they should be treated as such. Drones of this size are allowed over residential zones. They are not allowed to 'buzz' unaware people but are allowed to hover over aware people to provide shade, cooling, and other useful purposes.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

#14 Transperancy

There is no reason to not be transparent in all actions. We all know the good, the bad and the ugly sides of humanity. There isn't any story we haven't been told. Well, actually there are many stories that haven't been told. That said, why hide your shame? There is no shame unless you make it shameful. Pride causes shame. Ego. Release your ego and move on. In the same way we as a society need to learn what is and what isn't. As camera's become cheaper, there will be no such thing as privacy. There are people that don't want you to know they are recording you. All public camera's transmissions should be made public, in real time.The people paid for them, they get to watch them. The representatives, agents, and the people tasked with enforcing the will of the people shall also have access to these video feeds. Transparency.

Monday, August 5, 2013

# 13 Active Recruitment and organization of People on Unemployment

I would order all government departments to stop counting how much less is getting done, and go do something.

Need an example?

You, go recruit 1000 people to organize 1000000 people into work groups that use a verb and then do that verb. For example,  Make ____________ or Grow ___________

Saturday, August 3, 2013

# 12 Where United Earth Is

I promote the idea of a border-less Earth. That said, this is impractical at the moment. If  you really need to know why it's because all the Nations of the Earth have spent a long time becoming who they are, even if it is still a little mixed up. But what do you expect when the only constant is Change, and Change, Changes. That is a different subject. Where we do have a border-less Earth is where United Earth is to be established. There is only one place that fits that description, The Oceans outside of the territorial limits of the Nations. Thus that is where United Earth first needs to establish itself.

In particular the Organization of Humanity of United Earth needs to regulate the oceans  the sky above the oceans s, the surface of, and floor of, and beneath the floor of all the worlds oceans.

So I hereby declare United Earth, representing all of Humanity, and for and by Humanity, owner and possessor of all Oceans outside the Territorial limits of the current nations of Earth.

I also declare that all Space around the star known as Sol from it's center with a radius outward of 10 light years also the Provence of United Earth. Owned by Humanity and the people of the Sol system. This does not include the normal heights of nations or planets that possess atmospheres, based on practical limits. In other words, if you can't get to that height, then it's not yours. Moons are owned by the People of the Planets they orbit.

All mineral resources being mined or grown are subject to taxation. Although Humanity forgoes the right to do so at this time.

This is enforced by Me, Organizer and current holder of the Office of Humanity. Cabinet members, offices, departments and agency positions are currently being actively recruited.

Friday, July 12, 2013

# 11 Mass Advertising, and the Growth of the Internet and Blogs

Mass Advertising, and the Growth of the Internet and Blogs
The spread of basic functional literacy in industrial societies combined with the improvements in communication technologies to lay the basis for the development of new approaches to the promotion of creating demand for the rapidly increasing output of goods by increasingly efficient industrial systems. Drawing upon increased understanding of the nature of human compulsions shaped by the environment around them, advertisers would also learn lessons gained by States in their propaganda efforts during periods of war to rally the population to support the goals of the nation in its conflict. The result would be a rapid expansion of the use of simple, direct means of advertising to popularize new products and increase the appeal and demand for established products would become permanent features of popular culture as the twentieth century evolved, and would eventually come to impact other realms of public life, including politics. This isbased on the ideas and writtings presented in

From Television, to movies, and the internet, these facts must be recognized, and combated with the knowledge of what is a Fallacious Argument. I’ve found a good source of what is a fallacious argument to be found at 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

# 10 Mutualism

As our society becomes more industrialized in the long, to very long term, we need to recognize that the majority of humans may become unemployed. While I would like all these so called unemployed people to continue to be individual craftsmen, that isn't always feasible for all people. To address this need to support the nation, and in deed humanity, some great thinkers came up with a social philosophy. It is called Mutualism.

Mutualism recognized industrialization would require larger means of production than one laborer could manage. In other words, as industrialization increases, then need for labor decreases. There would be individual laborers working as independent craftsmen, but there also would need to be free, democratic associations of workers (or former workers) sharing equally in the ownership of the means of production such a factories. Goods produced by the factories would still be priced according to the total cost to the associated laborers, who would share the proceeds equally. This is why I advocate that everyone should become an owner in the means of production. That is to say, own stock in the company you work for, by grant or purchase, and as many other companies as you are able.
Economic viability requires credit, which the mutualists understood. They proposed mutually held savings banks (today we call these credit unions, although most if not all are watered down versions) which would lend money only at an interest rate required to meet the administrative costs of operating the bank. The stakeholders in the banks would be the freely associating laborers who benefited from the credit.
Mutualism opposed both the collectivization of property under communism and the accumulation of property under capitalism. Proudhon (and my-self, see rental policies) also rejected what he called the possession of property in which the property holder could make money by rents or impede others from using the property. Instead, mutualism supported private ownership of that amount of property required by a laborer to support the means of production the laborer or laborers controlled.
Bonuses based on false earnings statements, which have been restated to be lower at a later time. And they still get their bonuses.
Under the current structure of most (in not all) corporations, the CEO, and the executive staff create all the value, and workers create almost nothing.
If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If CFO’s and Financial managers at those companies were angels, no corporate governance would be necessary.

Solution 1
Stock is paid to employee and Employees can sell bonds to the company. All stock is voting stock.
Solution 2
See Rental Policy
Solution 3
A new model of business needs to be created. (I'm working on this)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

# 9 No Tariff's

It's that simple. No Tariff's. No Tariffs on trade between countries. The end of tariffs. A level playing field on a world wide scale. No protectionism. Free Trade. World wide.

So start producing and selling.

Monday, June 3, 2013

#8 Building and tying together the necessary foundations of a society.

Building and tying together the necessary foundations of a society.

Fact, there are many countries, and cultures on Earth.

 It is important to tie together concepts that are similar to each culture so that we do not disrespect each culture and country. I truly find it hard to believe that the human family after so many years of isolation from each other due to slow transportation and communication methods that we have not duplicated many of the same concepts and ideas. These concepts and ideas may come from different sources and different stories, but I highly doubt the morality is different. We are all concerned for the good of all Humanity.

An example of this is in the infrastructure of plumbing and water sources. There is no doubt that the countries  that have been able to define procedures, methods, and standards where each household is provided with clean running water and proper disposal or recycling of waste products , the people of those countries are better off.  While this is only one example there are many others.
These concepts must be matched to the countries and the nation’s needs for each area, and in areas where deficiencies are found, such as lack of resources or will. All the areas must make a concentrated effort to reduce those deficiencies and help. In effect by helping others, you help yourselves.

While the following hyperlink is not a specific list, it does outline, from historical records, what I mean by thinking about the building blocks of societies, and how we need to promote and tie these ideas to current cultural ideas.

With an emphases on the Culture, Industry, and Commerce sections!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

#7 FDR's four Freedoms

To be clear, I fully support this speech by F.D.R.

In the future days, which we seek to make secure, we look forward to a world founded upon four essential human freedoms.

The first is freedom of speech and expression -- everywhere in the world.

The second is freedom of every person to worship God in his own way -- everywhere in the world.

The third is freedom from want -- which, translated into world terms, means economic understandings which will secure to every nation a healthy peacetime life for its inhabitants -- everywhere in the world.

The fourth is freedom from fear -- which, translated into world terms, means a world-wide reduction of armaments to such a point and in such a thorough fashion that no nation will be in a position to commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbor-- anywhere in the world.

The only addition is that I fully intend to make the future days, now.

Friday, April 12, 2013

#6 Abortion

First I'm a man. I have no control over what a women chooses to do.

That said, I'm Pro-Choice and hope as many as possible women choose Pro-Life.

That's its, really it's not my business. As a plank in my platform, I would leave this up to the wisest women among us.

# 5 Rent based on Mortgages

If a building has been paid for, the tenets of that building should not be charged for a non existent mortgage. For example all building over thirty years old have had the mortgage paid off. The Building owner is taking all the extra income from that building and 1) living off it or 2) using it to as a down-payment to purchase more buildings.

What is bad about this is most of the time it's the least able to pay increased rents that suffer. In many cases Rental prices exceed the price of monthly mortgage payment if only the renter qualified for a loan. To add gasoline to the fire, banks don't lend to people unless they have a 'good' credit rating. Mostly based if you pay your bills on time each month.

This creates a third kind of inflation. Credit inflation. Where banks in essence get to print there own money in the form of the amount of credit they lend out. Taken together, this economic system lead to a amplitude cycle that demands booms and busts. With the wave length of time being determined by how productive we are as a society.

Let it be noted that conversely any building that does have a mortgage will have higher monthly rates. As it should being a modern building.

Note I'm not saying that true maintenance and upgrade costs can not be included in the monthly rent, only that mortgages that have been paid off, should automatically have the rent reduced by that amount.

Which is also the solution.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

# 4 Grand Strategy for Earth

  1. Grand Strategy for Earth
  2.  Build a close to real time social/economic model of the earth. Top level view would be a combination of Google Earth or Orbital views and Victoria or Hearts of Iron, with lower level views of super imposed layers of data sets.
    1. Social
      1. Demographics similar to Victoria
        1. Ability to 'dig in' to data set
        2. Use current standards
          1. US workforce codes
          2. US Medicare/caid, ICD-10, CPT codes
          3. any and all other demographic codes

    2. Economic
      1. Economic model similar to Victoria and Hearts of Iron with total transparency.
      2. Realistically, 'Players' can/would need to be set up so that only there data is visible to them.(up to debate right now, I would prefer total transparency.
        1. Ability to 'dig in' to data set
        2. Use current standards
          1. Market places(NY,London, HK, Germany, Chicago, Japan, etc)
          2. Company and org transparency
            1. all dollars/currency is accounted for
          3. US workforce codes
          4. US Medicare/caid, ICD-10, CPT codes
          5. any and all other demographic codes
  3.  Pursue building an organization that would maintain this device.
    1. For data sets, need to link to real time data report from various industries to establish incoming data stream. 
    2.  this data stream would be parsed to the different levels. Down to the individual level where possible.
    3.  Sent up to regional/world data centers
    4. Transparent in planetary info viewer. 
    5. Where applicable scrubbed of unwanted/private data. 
  4. Start by implementing a project in one small town or area
    1.  attempt 100% volunteer participation.
      1.  Important for long term that most if not all Families in area participate
      2.  Important for long term that most if not all civic, business, government, and any other org participate with full knowledge, understanding and acceptance. Use contracts if needed.
    2.  project model and new communities would be able to 'plug in' to larger model
  5. Why this is not Google Earth or any other data set.
    1. Coordinated 
    2. Links Money flows to people and orgs

Monday, March 25, 2013

#3 DMV computer driver stimulation qualification skill testing

Every Department of Motor Vehicles should have a computer driver stimulation qualification skill testing machine relative to the number of mean or ave customers they test each within a determined time period(day,month, year). These would be non binding tests. They would only be voluntary and rules, committees, and the public would need full transparent involvement. With Training sessions when and where necessary.

The cost of which is open to debate. I would suggest the license fee.

The run from $500 to $5000.

Each person would get a Race Rating added to their license at the very least.
1) would accurately show the ability of the population skill at driving, by the scores they get in the games
2) The rating or ratings of each game could be added to licenses to show arresting police officers the 'skill' level of the members of an accident. For example, might suggest the driver was racing, or has low ability to drive.
3) I would suggest Forza 4 and Dirt 3 as Games/Simulations that would show levels of skill.

This would:
1) Improve the skill of all drivers
2) Reward good drivers with prestige if nothing else
3) Have the possibility (scientific tests could be done) to cut DMV expenses if real driver education and Driver tests could be eliminated, with the development of real world software applications.

#2 Alcohol consumption be measured

Please note that the number of the the blog does not indicate it's priority or importance had time to post. For instance.
People respect what you inspect.

As part of Meaningful Use. Which you may or may not know is part of the Governments way of checking on your health, and for example, requires doctors to report that they checked your Body Mass Index, blood pressure, and if you smoke or not. As these questions can determine a persons long term health.

Anyway, we call these individual measurements Clinical Quality Measures (CQM).

I propose that the Amount of Alcohol consumption be also measured, and for members of public office the results published.

I have recently heard stories, and there are recognizable signs in a persons facial skin appearance and disposition that they either are drunk or were drunk and have a hangover.

If this person is in a government office or role in which decisions are being made, or even stated, such as a fund raising event, funeral, committee meeting, or really, at any time. They should immediately be escorted to a safe place for detoxification, and treatment.

#1 If I was going to run for elected office, these are my planks

Hi and welcome to my new blog. In it I intend to publish my platform. My ideas on if I was going to run for elected office. For example, a Congressman from Vermont, which is where I live. More correctly stated, a blog where I publish my ideas that directly pertain to the United States of America. So National level only. If you want to visit my blogs on international affairs or other organizations then I will publish a list of them soon. They will get posted faster if there is any requests for that information. Until that time, I will just rant about the USA here. Primarily about Congress, the President and the Organization he 'controls', and the Supreme Court.

My views, concepts, ideas, actions, and what ever else the Government of the USA should and maybe even more importantly should not be doing.