Friday, July 12, 2013

# 11 Mass Advertising, and the Growth of the Internet and Blogs

Mass Advertising, and the Growth of the Internet and Blogs
The spread of basic functional literacy in industrial societies combined with the improvements in communication technologies to lay the basis for the development of new approaches to the promotion of creating demand for the rapidly increasing output of goods by increasingly efficient industrial systems. Drawing upon increased understanding of the nature of human compulsions shaped by the environment around them, advertisers would also learn lessons gained by States in their propaganda efforts during periods of war to rally the population to support the goals of the nation in its conflict. The result would be a rapid expansion of the use of simple, direct means of advertising to popularize new products and increase the appeal and demand for established products would become permanent features of popular culture as the twentieth century evolved, and would eventually come to impact other realms of public life, including politics. This isbased on the ideas and writtings presented in

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