Monday, March 23, 2015

# 27 Meet Michael Rowley

This should have been post #1

Mike Rowley is very excited to start another year as Senior Primary Support Consultant at Allscripts. He grew up in the Essex Junction attending Hiawatha Elementary School, and then attended Browns River Middle School, and Mount Mansfield Union High School . Rowley went on to attend the U.S. Infantry School and serve for 3 years as an Infantry Team Leader in the 7th Division. He then returned to Vermont where he managed a local McDonalds and became Assistant Marketing Director. He then purchased and operating a small apartment building. Following a lifelong interest in I.T. he became a Unix Operator at the Chittenden, now Peoples Bank. While working full time, he also reignited his education in computer science. After receiving an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Science from the Community College of Vermont, he joined Allscripts. He then continued his education at Champlain College. Receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Mr. Rowley is entering his 8th year as a Primary Support Consultant supporting the Touch works Electronic Health Records. System Administrators, Database Administrators, Medical Transcriptionists, Medical Records Technicians, Nurses, Doctors, and Healthcare Administrators.

Away from work, Mike loves spending time with his wife, Kim, and there many cats. He enjoys spending time with his family, gaming, gardening, playing guitar, and swimming and is a lifelong learner.

Mr. Rowley can be reached by email at

# 26 Billions, and billions of hamburgers.

 We are told that we made or we sold as much of this object that if we lined them up end to end, they would encircle the globe three times, or 11 times, or 1000 times. Yet, we do not have one single interstate highway encircling any land mass from coast to coast on any continent but North America.

Granted these claims are imagined, they are abstract ideas. No-one has lined up a billion, billion hamburgers to actually encircle the globe. They are concepts of the mind. Lining up a billion, billion hamburgers, even if they could be cooked and distributed, would take the effort of hundreds of thousands of people, countless trucks, an undefined amount of restaurants, and the production of even more farms, and food processors. I could calculate what would be needed, but I won’t at this time.

My point is, encircling the globe with hamburgers can be calculated. We could determine to a gram how much hamburger would be needed, how many buns, how many of all the requirements.

With this in mind, we can equally, or should be able to, calculate the exact requirements to build an interstate highway from the Coast of China to the Coast of France. The only question is why are we not doing so? We know the value of an interstate highways system. One only need to read about or visit the United States to know how successful they have been.

I could argue that this is a pro-growth plan. It would employee thousands if not millions of people. The businesses and cities that would grow up around the entrances and exits would be a reason in themselves.

There for, let’s do the planning of requirements. It’s much more fruitful then lining up a billion, billion hamburgers.