Saturday, August 3, 2013

# 12 Where United Earth Is

I promote the idea of a border-less Earth. That said, this is impractical at the moment. If  you really need to know why it's because all the Nations of the Earth have spent a long time becoming who they are, even if it is still a little mixed up. But what do you expect when the only constant is Change, and Change, Changes. That is a different subject. Where we do have a border-less Earth is where United Earth is to be established. There is only one place that fits that description, The Oceans outside of the territorial limits of the Nations. Thus that is where United Earth first needs to establish itself.

In particular the Organization of Humanity of United Earth needs to regulate the oceans  the sky above the oceans s, the surface of, and floor of, and beneath the floor of all the worlds oceans.

So I hereby declare United Earth, representing all of Humanity, and for and by Humanity, owner and possessor of all Oceans outside the Territorial limits of the current nations of Earth.

I also declare that all Space around the star known as Sol from it's center with a radius outward of 10 light years also the Provence of United Earth. Owned by Humanity and the people of the Sol system. This does not include the normal heights of nations or planets that possess atmospheres, based on practical limits. In other words, if you can't get to that height, then it's not yours. Moons are owned by the People of the Planets they orbit.

All mineral resources being mined or grown are subject to taxation. Although Humanity forgoes the right to do so at this time.

This is enforced by Me, Organizer and current holder of the Office of Humanity. Cabinet members, offices, departments and agency positions are currently being actively recruited.

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