Thursday, September 18, 2014

# 25 Strict Licenses for Owners of Properties that contain humans

We need to enact laws that promote a national standard for rental properties. Specifically smaller owners of properties where the income margin from the properties are not sufficient to live healthy, and keep them in perpetual debt or near the margin of debt.

This applies to all businesses, and people.

The Freedom from want must be proactive in such a way that it prevents life on the margin of sustainability.  To illustrate, a owner has sells goods or services, but the margin of income keeps them at or near the poverty line, and any unforeseen event causes them to need to compromise the integrity of standards and/or pay for the event by taking out debts or cutting into sustenance level budgets.

Sustenance level budget is the base cost of human maintenance. In other words, food, water, milk, juice, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. The cost of living. Home payments, heat or cooling payments, electricity. No luxury or sin tax goods and services.

The reason for this is that a wealthy person, with little or no cash flow, and entrapped by society (retired, unable, untrained to work, etc.), is in fact a poor person. You can be wealthy, but not rich. Historically a person like this would be called the lessor nobility. Far removed from the king and queen, living on property, and reliant on rental income. These people are the bane of the tenant, as they never have the means to improve the property. They also feel that tenants are the bane of there existence, blaming the lack of income on the tenants inability to pay. The slightest damage to the property, with the slightest cost of repair becomes a huge problem for both tenant and property owner.

To prevent this, standards must propagated that prevent these situations. One idea would be to have a professional license be required and maintained in order to rent property. The license would be revoked if the standards were not met. For example, smaller units would require another source of income to the property owner, Smaller unit owners must have a limited time where they must grow the business or give up the right of rental to a professional rental agent(cy). Professional rental agencies would have to have stricter license and standards that protect the tenant, the property owner, the city, region, district, insurance agent(cies) and themselves. The rental agencies would have to meet codes and improve/upgrade properties. The government could provide grants to them to provide upgrades where the owner could not afford to do so. The better the property the more the Rental Agent would pay for it to the owner, and charge to the tenant.

This is needed because, much like insurance companies, smaller owners do not have the coverage or clients needed to cover for losses. The Rental Agency would bridge the gap between private property owners, and large development Rental/property owners.

An after thought to this is that we require special bus licenses for drivers of buses that are intended to save the passengers life's. Why are we not considering landlords to also be the 'drivers' of tenant 'passengers'?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

# 24 - 23 VSA 1075. Passing school bus

23 VSA 1075. Passing school bus

(a) The operator of a motor vehicle, including authorized emergency vehicles under section 1015 of this title, upon meeting or overtaking a vehicle marked and equipped as provided in section 1283 of this title which has stopped on the highway for the purpose of receiving or discharging public or private school children shall stop his or her vehicle immediately and shall keep it stationary while the flashing red signal lights are in operation.

(b) The driver of a vehicle need not stop upon a highway with separate roadways upon meeting or overtaking a school bus which is on a different roadway, or upon a controlled access highway where the school bus is stopped in a loading zone which is a part of or adjacent to the highway at a point where pedestrians are not permitted to cross the roadway.

Amend or add as follows

The School District or Bus Company vehicle marked and equipped as provided in section 1283 of this title which has stopped on the highway for the purpose of receiving or discharging public or private school children must position the stops such that 1) The least potential of harm is maximized. 2) that maximum safety is provided by moving the stop off a state highway that has a daily commuter traffic level above 5000. 3) the least amount of traffic is affected by the stop in order to minimize the effect of any potential violations of 23 VSA 1075 (b)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

# 23 Police Violence

Only non-lethal weapons should be used by internal police forces.

The only argument I have heard is that they, non-lethal weapons, can be lethal also. Which is true. Never the less, they are much less lethal then lethal weapons. 100% chance of death by a lethal weapon, vs. 1% chance of death by a non-lethal weapon. If asked which one would you choose to be shot at you? 

I don’t have metrics on deaths by non-lethal or lethal weapons.  But, a chance of 50% lethality or less, from a non-lethal weapons, versa 50% or more lethality, from lethal weapons means lives saved!

For the military and intelligence operations where one side only has lethal weapons.
A two tier assault method should be used. With the primary weapons and people first in, being non-lethal. Take out everyone possible in the first 1-30 seconds. 2nd line of Offense would either have additional non-lethal or lethal weapons and personal that only task is to target and take out any hostile that aims a lethal weapon towards our personal. 3rd line would have lethal weapons, with the same mission as line 2.  The number of people and type of weapons used in the 2nd and 3rd line would be determined by the number of hostiles. The first line must be maintained, and at full personel at all times of the operations during a successful operation. Mission planners should plan for 3 times the number of hostles to be in the 1st line. 3 times is a minimum, 5, 10 or 20 times the personal is better.

Most if not all hostage or intelligence situations need to also use a similar method. 

Beat Cops will be punished if they pull a lethal weapon before a non-lethal one if they are the first to attack. They can use their own judgement for defense. 

Charm is favored over intimidation. Knowledge and closeness to the good people, is encouraged. You should know everyone in you beat of the city, and be able to shake hands with them.

Monday, July 21, 2014

# 22 On Minimum Wage

To set the cost of living above a substance level if you are a full time worker.

1) Minimum wage lower then min cost of living + government redirection of corporate profits  via tax’s to workers  in order to equal cost of living. With increased processing fees by government.
2) Higher minimum wage that equals cost of living. That replaces the increase in tax’s needed in 1) with direct loss of profits.
3) Cost of living becomes lower. No wage change or tax on profits, decrease in profits. Good luck getting anyone to do this.

Since 3 is impossible, and 1 actually increases costs, 2 is the only answer.

Monday, June 9, 2014

# 21 Plans for the far future, as a long, long time goal, but before 10,000 years pass

Heavy Industry and Power Generation zoned space only, Earth will be for food and ecological resources only. In other words a Farm Planet.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

# 20 The Prestige Act

The Prestige Act, which might be better known as the get out of jail free card.

This is a Bill, written by me, that proposes to legalize a system of restitution to humanity where it is otherwise not recognized. For example in a nations legal system.
Prestige defined by ( is the standing or estimation in the eyes of people: weight or credit in general opinion.
This weight or credit has never been measured, quantified or a value given to it. When a person gains prestige they are known as a very prestigious person. They might hold metals or certificates from accredited organizations that say they are prestigious in a certain area or skill, such as the professions. They can lose this accreditation if they commit acts that violate the principles of accreditation. For example malpractice by a doctor or disbarment of a lawyer. Because in the past, mathematical methods were very cumbersome to use only different words would convey positive or negative prestige. Disbarment, malpractice, shame. These words were never given value or weight. In addition they were never added or subtracted from each other, except in a very clumsy way. For example a prominent citizen, with many acts that have benefited the people, charged with a minor crime, would be sentenced to community service, instead of a more severe form of retribution such as imprisonment. For example the same citizen, committing horrendous acts against humanity would not be given a light sentence, rather they would receive the most severe punishments. For example a older system of regulation is misused by banks and banking officers to glean greater profits at the betterment of the owners of the bank, but to the detriment of humanity. The proper measurement of negative prestige would be accessed, as well as financial cost, and personal cost. Businesses with negative prestige would be possible.
The prestige act would allow for the currency of prestige to be used in courts of law to determine retribution and sentencing of people and groups.
The Act is required where prestige isn't considered.
Prestige and the Currency of Prestige will be assessed by the system of prestige determination rules. The initial rules will be made by me. These rules will then be opened to public debate, for the purposes of adjustment of the values to acts that gain or subtract (increase or decrease/ earn or cost) Prestige.

Basic rules of Prestige
Measurement of prestige is done with metrics. Actions contribute positively or negatively to a entities prestige.
People are not required to participate. Even if you are being measured you have the freedom to have the measurement of prestige used or not used.
Citizens are required to participate. Basic eligibility to be a pubic officer is to allow use of prestige, negative or positive.
Assessment of prestige must be accessible and have clear steps to gain or lose prestige. At first this will be done by a single online site, which will have a person’s profile for the purpose of identification, a list of positive and negative acts of gain/loss of prestige, a method of the people voting positively or negatively on the values of acts that increase/decrease prestige. The best effort will be to maintain a list of common, less common, and rare positive and negative actions, and the ability to vote up or down the value of prestige. Value of act divided by number of people that express and positive or negative value for the act. In other worked Prestige of Act=number submitted to be counted/number of people voting. Prestige= Value/people. Some values of prestige will be only given negative or positive values, and some values may or may not be in a range.

Volunteering service for organizations benefiting community (ies) earns a person prestige. Examples, Giving Blood, Clean-up Crews, in general volunteer service in a non-profit organization.
Malpractice, false representation, disbarment count as negatives, values to be determined by voter participation. Declarations of war count as negative prestige for a nation. Multiple declarations of war will also increase a different value (Bad Boy effect) to be explained in an additional document.
Prestige becomes effectively a ‘social’ currency. Earn prestige for good deeds, pay prestige for acts of bad deeds. 
It extends a entities worth beyond simple rich or poor definitions.

Can be negative, can be in debt, and Can procure loans of amounts of prestige from authorized prestige banks. Works just like currency. Units of currency will be coins and bills. Pennies, Dollars, Kilos, Megs. 

This is only a draft document. There will be a website announced that will serve as the executioner of this system of currency. No other forms of social currency are recognized, past, currently, or future. People are not required to participate unless they desire to be citizens. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

# 19 Era Management

Era Management

A very brief overview

Management [Redacted]
Management [Redacted]


Era operations [Redacted]

Each with overlap of previous category. In other words, [Redacted] have [Redacted] assigned with a o[Redacted] and [Redacted]This isn’t to say that members [Redacted] But the [Redacted]. For example[Redacted]

Sunday, January 12, 2014

#18 Standard deviation curve of humanity.

10% have decreased abilities in one way or more. 10% have increased abilities in one way or another.
Now let’s simplify humanity to 3 people. One a great hunter who always brings home more than they can eat, one a hunter able to feed one person and one person that cannot hunt, and only consumes. {note: a better analogy would be 1 great hunter, 8 hunters, and 1 non-hunter}

Who is best able to provide food to the person that cannot hunt? The Great Hunter. If the normal hunter feeds the non-hunter, they both will slowly stave on half a proper diet.

Now do the two other people have to gang up on the great hunter to get his food or does the great hunter prevent wasted, rotted food, and give to the non-hunter. Does the great hunter also give to the normal hunter? Most likely not, that hunter has food, and maybe pride in hunting. Is the non-hunter not proud? Maybe, or maybe the non-hunter can be productive to the group in other ways.

Back to the real world. Who are the great hunter, the normal hunter and the non-hunter? The Charities say the great hunters are corporations. The corporations say the Unions, and charities are the poor. In the middle is the normal or common man. The normal everyday worker that gives to charity and works at a corporation just needs to figure out who to vote for, as neither group represents them. One day it’s the Republicans, the next it’s the Democrats, which isn’t a very good way to run a nation. Thus there becomes a need for an Independent mind, Interested in all of humanity to lead. That’s me. I will write more as time allows, but for now, know that all articles in all media is subject to inspection and analysis.

Right now I find both parties guilty of looking only after their own interests, and not the interests of humanity.