Monday, June 3, 2013

#8 Building and tying together the necessary foundations of a society.

Building and tying together the necessary foundations of a society.

Fact, there are many countries, and cultures on Earth.

 It is important to tie together concepts that are similar to each culture so that we do not disrespect each culture and country. I truly find it hard to believe that the human family after so many years of isolation from each other due to slow transportation and communication methods that we have not duplicated many of the same concepts and ideas. These concepts and ideas may come from different sources and different stories, but I highly doubt the morality is different. We are all concerned for the good of all Humanity.

An example of this is in the infrastructure of plumbing and water sources. There is no doubt that the countries  that have been able to define procedures, methods, and standards where each household is provided with clean running water and proper disposal or recycling of waste products , the people of those countries are better off.  While this is only one example there are many others.
These concepts must be matched to the countries and the nation’s needs for each area, and in areas where deficiencies are found, such as lack of resources or will. All the areas must make a concentrated effort to reduce those deficiencies and help. In effect by helping others, you help yourselves.

While the following hyperlink is not a specific list, it does outline, from historical records, what I mean by thinking about the building blocks of societies, and how we need to promote and tie these ideas to current cultural ideas.

With an emphases on the Culture, Industry, and Commerce sections!

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