Monday, March 25, 2013

#1 If I was going to run for elected office, these are my planks

Hi and welcome to my new blog. In it I intend to publish my platform. My ideas on if I was going to run for elected office. For example, a Congressman from Vermont, which is where I live. More correctly stated, a blog where I publish my ideas that directly pertain to the United States of America. So National level only. If you want to visit my blogs on international affairs or other organizations then I will publish a list of them soon. They will get posted faster if there is any requests for that information. Until that time, I will just rant about the USA here. Primarily about Congress, the President and the Organization he 'controls', and the Supreme Court.

My views, concepts, ideas, actions, and what ever else the Government of the USA should and maybe even more importantly should not be doing. 

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