Monday, March 25, 2013

#3 DMV computer driver stimulation qualification skill testing

Every Department of Motor Vehicles should have a computer driver stimulation qualification skill testing machine relative to the number of mean or ave customers they test each within a determined time period(day,month, year). These would be non binding tests. They would only be voluntary and rules, committees, and the public would need full transparent involvement. With Training sessions when and where necessary.

The cost of which is open to debate. I would suggest the license fee.

The run from $500 to $5000.

Each person would get a Race Rating added to their license at the very least.
1) would accurately show the ability of the population skill at driving, by the scores they get in the games
2) The rating or ratings of each game could be added to licenses to show arresting police officers the 'skill' level of the members of an accident. For example, might suggest the driver was racing, or has low ability to drive.
3) I would suggest Forza 4 and Dirt 3 as Games/Simulations that would show levels of skill.

This would:
1) Improve the skill of all drivers
2) Reward good drivers with prestige if nothing else
3) Have the possibility (scientific tests could be done) to cut DMV expenses if real driver education and Driver tests could be eliminated, with the development of real world software applications.

#2 Alcohol consumption be measured

Please note that the number of the the blog does not indicate it's priority or importance had time to post. For instance.
People respect what you inspect.

As part of Meaningful Use. Which you may or may not know is part of the Governments way of checking on your health, and for example, requires doctors to report that they checked your Body Mass Index, blood pressure, and if you smoke or not. As these questions can determine a persons long term health.

Anyway, we call these individual measurements Clinical Quality Measures (CQM).

I propose that the Amount of Alcohol consumption be also measured, and for members of public office the results published.

I have recently heard stories, and there are recognizable signs in a persons facial skin appearance and disposition that they either are drunk or were drunk and have a hangover.

If this person is in a government office or role in which decisions are being made, or even stated, such as a fund raising event, funeral, committee meeting, or really, at any time. They should immediately be escorted to a safe place for detoxification, and treatment.

#1 If I was going to run for elected office, these are my planks

Hi and welcome to my new blog. In it I intend to publish my platform. My ideas on if I was going to run for elected office. For example, a Congressman from Vermont, which is where I live. More correctly stated, a blog where I publish my ideas that directly pertain to the United States of America. So National level only. If you want to visit my blogs on international affairs or other organizations then I will publish a list of them soon. They will get posted faster if there is any requests for that information. Until that time, I will just rant about the USA here. Primarily about Congress, the President and the Organization he 'controls', and the Supreme Court.

My views, concepts, ideas, actions, and what ever else the Government of the USA should and maybe even more importantly should not be doing.