Friday, April 12, 2013

#6 Abortion

First I'm a man. I have no control over what a women chooses to do.

That said, I'm Pro-Choice and hope as many as possible women choose Pro-Life.

That's its, really it's not my business. As a plank in my platform, I would leave this up to the wisest women among us.

# 5 Rent based on Mortgages

If a building has been paid for, the tenets of that building should not be charged for a non existent mortgage. For example all building over thirty years old have had the mortgage paid off. The Building owner is taking all the extra income from that building and 1) living off it or 2) using it to as a down-payment to purchase more buildings.

What is bad about this is most of the time it's the least able to pay increased rents that suffer. In many cases Rental prices exceed the price of monthly mortgage payment if only the renter qualified for a loan. To add gasoline to the fire, banks don't lend to people unless they have a 'good' credit rating. Mostly based if you pay your bills on time each month.

This creates a third kind of inflation. Credit inflation. Where banks in essence get to print there own money in the form of the amount of credit they lend out. Taken together, this economic system lead to a amplitude cycle that demands booms and busts. With the wave length of time being determined by how productive we are as a society.

Let it be noted that conversely any building that does have a mortgage will have higher monthly rates. As it should being a modern building.

Note I'm not saying that true maintenance and upgrade costs can not be included in the monthly rent, only that mortgages that have been paid off, should automatically have the rent reduced by that amount.

Which is also the solution.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

# 4 Grand Strategy for Earth

  1. Grand Strategy for Earth
  2.  Build a close to real time social/economic model of the earth. Top level view would be a combination of Google Earth or Orbital views and Victoria or Hearts of Iron, with lower level views of super imposed layers of data sets.
    1. Social
      1. Demographics similar to Victoria
        1. Ability to 'dig in' to data set
        2. Use current standards
          1. US workforce codes
          2. US Medicare/caid, ICD-10, CPT codes
          3. any and all other demographic codes

    2. Economic
      1. Economic model similar to Victoria and Hearts of Iron with total transparency.
      2. Realistically, 'Players' can/would need to be set up so that only there data is visible to them.(up to debate right now, I would prefer total transparency.
        1. Ability to 'dig in' to data set
        2. Use current standards
          1. Market places(NY,London, HK, Germany, Chicago, Japan, etc)
          2. Company and org transparency
            1. all dollars/currency is accounted for
          3. US workforce codes
          4. US Medicare/caid, ICD-10, CPT codes
          5. any and all other demographic codes
  3.  Pursue building an organization that would maintain this device.
    1. For data sets, need to link to real time data report from various industries to establish incoming data stream. 
    2.  this data stream would be parsed to the different levels. Down to the individual level where possible.
    3.  Sent up to regional/world data centers
    4. Transparent in planetary info viewer. 
    5. Where applicable scrubbed of unwanted/private data. 
  4. Start by implementing a project in one small town or area
    1.  attempt 100% volunteer participation.
      1.  Important for long term that most if not all Families in area participate
      2.  Important for long term that most if not all civic, business, government, and any other org participate with full knowledge, understanding and acceptance. Use contracts if needed.
    2.  project model and new communities would be able to 'plug in' to larger model
  5. Why this is not Google Earth or any other data set.
    1. Coordinated 
    2. Links Money flows to people and orgs