Sunday, January 12, 2014

#18 Standard deviation curve of humanity.

10% have decreased abilities in one way or more. 10% have increased abilities in one way or another.
Now let’s simplify humanity to 3 people. One a great hunter who always brings home more than they can eat, one a hunter able to feed one person and one person that cannot hunt, and only consumes. {note: a better analogy would be 1 great hunter, 8 hunters, and 1 non-hunter}

Who is best able to provide food to the person that cannot hunt? The Great Hunter. If the normal hunter feeds the non-hunter, they both will slowly stave on half a proper diet.

Now do the two other people have to gang up on the great hunter to get his food or does the great hunter prevent wasted, rotted food, and give to the non-hunter. Does the great hunter also give to the normal hunter? Most likely not, that hunter has food, and maybe pride in hunting. Is the non-hunter not proud? Maybe, or maybe the non-hunter can be productive to the group in other ways.

Back to the real world. Who are the great hunter, the normal hunter and the non-hunter? The Charities say the great hunters are corporations. The corporations say the Unions, and charities are the poor. In the middle is the normal or common man. The normal everyday worker that gives to charity and works at a corporation just needs to figure out who to vote for, as neither group represents them. One day it’s the Republicans, the next it’s the Democrats, which isn’t a very good way to run a nation. Thus there becomes a need for an Independent mind, Interested in all of humanity to lead. That’s me. I will write more as time allows, but for now, know that all articles in all media is subject to inspection and analysis.

Right now I find both parties guilty of looking only after their own interests, and not the interests of humanity.

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