Thursday, September 18, 2014

# 25 Strict Licenses for Owners of Properties that contain humans

We need to enact laws that promote a national standard for rental properties. Specifically smaller owners of properties where the income margin from the properties are not sufficient to live healthy, and keep them in perpetual debt or near the margin of debt.

This applies to all businesses, and people.

The Freedom from want must be proactive in such a way that it prevents life on the margin of sustainability.  To illustrate, a owner has sells goods or services, but the margin of income keeps them at or near the poverty line, and any unforeseen event causes them to need to compromise the integrity of standards and/or pay for the event by taking out debts or cutting into sustenance level budgets.

Sustenance level budget is the base cost of human maintenance. In other words, food, water, milk, juice, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. The cost of living. Home payments, heat or cooling payments, electricity. No luxury or sin tax goods and services.

The reason for this is that a wealthy person, with little or no cash flow, and entrapped by society (retired, unable, untrained to work, etc.), is in fact a poor person. You can be wealthy, but not rich. Historically a person like this would be called the lessor nobility. Far removed from the king and queen, living on property, and reliant on rental income. These people are the bane of the tenant, as they never have the means to improve the property. They also feel that tenants are the bane of there existence, blaming the lack of income on the tenants inability to pay. The slightest damage to the property, with the slightest cost of repair becomes a huge problem for both tenant and property owner.

To prevent this, standards must propagated that prevent these situations. One idea would be to have a professional license be required and maintained in order to rent property. The license would be revoked if the standards were not met. For example, smaller units would require another source of income to the property owner, Smaller unit owners must have a limited time where they must grow the business or give up the right of rental to a professional rental agent(cy). Professional rental agencies would have to have stricter license and standards that protect the tenant, the property owner, the city, region, district, insurance agent(cies) and themselves. The rental agencies would have to meet codes and improve/upgrade properties. The government could provide grants to them to provide upgrades where the owner could not afford to do so. The better the property the more the Rental Agent would pay for it to the owner, and charge to the tenant.

This is needed because, much like insurance companies, smaller owners do not have the coverage or clients needed to cover for losses. The Rental Agency would bridge the gap between private property owners, and large development Rental/property owners.

An after thought to this is that we require special bus licenses for drivers of buses that are intended to save the passengers life's. Why are we not considering landlords to also be the 'drivers' of tenant 'passengers'?

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